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Opening poem Utrecht Science Week

A toast to 1000 years

helicopters flying overhead
trams rushing by
groundbreaking scientists
partying graduates

buildings occasionally multi-coloured
shape that unique environment
in which the impossible
sometimes becomes possible

past merges into present
wonder knows no bounds
where we usher in new eras
indicate the future

inventors alongside teachers
doctors for patients
heroes with hoovers
mice without a home

butterfly paradise near food trucks
living labs under lecture halls
supermarket or club
a park like no other

brains and cabinets full of knowledge
between countless coffee machines
we are not spared from getting lost
but is very rewarding

a park to grow in
from pupil to student
from researcher to entrepreneur
made possible by the uithof

together we toast to
nine hundred years Utrecht
plus a century of laboratory education
in a city without walls

together towards a healthy
sustainable society
on the edge of the city
in the midst of our lives

Robin Lechner – on the occasion of the opening of Utrecht Science Week – 30 September 2022