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Programme update: Edwin Pos on complexity in practice

1 June 2022 – Edwin Pos conducts research into how ecosystems work. ‘By combining approaches from multiple disciplines such as ecology and evolution, information theory, physics and maths, I strive to expand the ecological toolkit. This will hopefully enable us to make accurate predictions regarding the dynamics of ecosystems.’

persoon Edwin Pos

One year ago, on 10 June 2021, Edwin Pos was declared New Scientist Science Talent 2021. This award is an initiative set up by the popular science journal New Scientist and was awarded for the sixth time in 2021.

Edwin Pos (b. 1987) studied and obtained his doctorate from Utrecht University. He works in the Ecology and Biodiversity research group as an assistant professor, and since the summer of 2020, he has also served as the scientific director of the Botanical Gardens. In this capacity, he contributes to issues such as area development within Utrecht Science Park.

Watch Edwin’s lecture to find out what links the Amazon rainforest, a chessboard and Utrecht Science Park!

This lecture will be part of the bring-your-own-lunch-meetings series held in the central pavilion of Utrecht Science Week in his ‘own’ botanical gardens. You are welcome to attend, even if you don’t bring your own lunch! Make sure to check the website and social media channels regularly, so that you can register on time!