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Programme update: Healthy Living theme day on Thursday, 6 October

Life Sciences research projects conducted in Utrecht are highly diverse and by definition of an interdisciplinary nature. Our researchers combine basic, clinical, translational and applied research whose scope ranges from molecules to human beings, from organisms to populations at large, and from laboratories to hospital beds. When we pool our expertise and resources, we can play a much larger role in the development of, and access to, innovative types of therapy.

The Healthy Living theme day, to be held on 6 October, will focus on various aspects of therapy development in which Utrecht-based researchers are closely involved. We will discuss the challenges faced, as well as general ideas for solutions and examples of innovations.

The first speaker, Miriam Koopman, will discuss patient data that can be used to help us identify specific medical needs and allow us to gear new therapies towards these needs. Then, hosted by Wouter Dhert, we will discuss the usefulness and necessity of innovative methods that allow us to analyse the efficacy and safety of new therapies without performing any animal testing. Carl Moons will tell us more about the use of data and artificial intelligence in our quest to improve predictions as to how effective new therapies will be in selected patient populations. Last but not least, Lourens Bloem will provide an introduction to the challenges faced in marketing new therapies and getting them administered to patients.

The Healthy Living theme day will kick off at 9.30am. The programme will end at 5pm.

Venue: Princess Máxima Centre Auditorium

A small number of seats is available in the auditorium. The programme will also be live-streamed.

Registration is now open! Use the online timetable here

The full programme will be published soon.