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Programme update: beyond animal studies with MP Tjeerd de Groot

30 March 2022 – Tjeerd de Groot, member of the D66 party in the House of Representatives, advocates a radical reconsideration of animal studies policy. He will set out his position in the debate on animal-free innovations on the Healthy Living theme day during Utrecht Science Week, on Thursday, 6 October.

Prof. Wouter Dhert, scientific director of Innovations in Life Sciences at Utrecht University, will lead the debate. The other participants include Prof. Daniela Salvatori, professor of Comparative Anatomy and Physiology at Utrecht University’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Prof. Jeroen Pasterkamp, professor of Translational Neuroscience at University Medical Center Utrecht and Utrecht University.

Participation in the Healthy Living theme day is open to all interested parties. Make sure to check the website and social media channels regularly, so that you can register on time!

Tjeerd de Groot