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Programme update: extended celebrations of the 200th anniversary of the Veterinary Medicine programme

25 April 2022 –

On 10 December 1821, the Veterinary Medicine programme was launched. 200 years later, on 10 December 2021, Utrecht University’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine marked the start of the celebrations of this very special anniversary. The celebrations will conclude with a jubilee party at the end of June.

However, we will be extending the celebrations for a little longer during Utrecht Science Week!

On the afternoon of Wednesday, 5 October, we will highlight the substantial contemporary impact that veterinary medicine has on society when the following speakers tell wonderful stories about Utrecht University’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine:

Saskia Arndt, Professor of Animal Behaviour, discussing animal welfare and behaviour

Alain de Bruin, Professor of Pathobiology and Head of Biomolecular Health Sciences, discussing cancer in animals and humans.

Inga Wolframm, Head of Social Valorisation, discussing context. The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine has played a central role in society for over 200 years, although recent developments have intensified the relevance of veterinary science to unprecedented levels. Through its research, education and patient care, the faculty and its partners strive to make a difference to the health and welfare of animals and humans.

Participation in the event is open to all interested parties. Make sure to check the website and social media channels regularly, so that you can register on time!