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Programme update: Humans and animals: a healthy and sustainable society

11 May 2022 – Lidwien Smit and Franck Meijboom gave a sneak preview of this discussion when they recently interviewed each other in Illuster, in which they talked about fostering a healthy and sustainable society.

Lidwien is a professor of One Health and Environmental Epidemiology at Utrecht University while Franck is an associate professor of Ethics of Human-Animal Interaction, also at Utrecht University.

On Monday, 3 October, they will continue this discussion with Debbie Jaarsma, dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, serving as chair.
Humans and animals, animals and humans, mutual dependence, inextricable connectedness, ethical and physical boundaries, sustainability and animals: the discussion themes are endless!
Will this discussion serve as the prelude to the previously proposed joint research proposal? There’s every chance!

This discussion will be part of the bring-your-own-lunch-meetings series held in the central pavilion of Utrecht Science Week in the botanical gardens. You are welcome to attend, even if you don’t bring your own lunch! Make sure to check the website and social media channels regularly, so that you can register on time!