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OCTOBER 6 2024
September 30
to October 7

Aftermovie Betweter Festival

That was it! The Betweter Festival 2023 in TivoliVredenburg. With interviews, talk shows, live scientific research, music and lots of art. Enjoy it for a while and we’ll start thinking about next year. See you then! Visit for more videos, articles and the current programme.

Aftermovie Dialogue on animal-worthy farming

We catapulted ourselves towards 2040 where we keep animals in husbandry in an animal-friendly manner. We entered into conversation with animal protectionists, livestock farmers, politicians, veterinarians, researchers, civil servants and other professionals. Result: an inspiring afternoon full of valuable insights and the will to continue the conversation with each other.

Aftermovie Sustainable City Challenge

Source: Betweter Festival Studium Generale Universiteit Utrecht.
Source: Universiteit Utrecht faculteit Diergeneeskunde
Source: Sustainable City Challenge