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OCTOBER 6 2024
OCTOBER 6 2024
26 SEP.
Heineken Prize lectures at Utrecht University English
UU Koningsbergergebouw, Budapestlaan 4a-b
TH september 26, 15:30 - 17:30 uur
Heineken Prize lectures by Proteomics pioneers Ruedi Aebersold and Matthias Mann

Biochemists Ruedi Aebersold and Matthias Mann have been awarded the Dr H.P. Heineken Prize for Biochemistry and Biophysics 2024. The jury praises their pioneering work in the field of proteomics and in particular their contributions to new techniques to study large amounts of proteins simultaneously. Thanks to their achievements, we better understand how healthy cells work and what goes wrong in

disease. Both Aebersold and Mann are recipients of the Bijvoet Medal, and Mann was awarded an honorary doctorate by Utrecht University in 2004.

In 2024, it will be 60 years since Alfred Heineken created the very first Heineken Prize: the Dr H.P. Heineken Prize for Biochemistry and Biophysics. To mark this special anniversary edition, the jury has decided to award the prize to not one but two top scientists. By doing so, the jury not only honours the work of Aebersold and Mann, but also the field of proteomics.

Drivers of proteomics

Proteins are involved in all processes in the body. Without proteins there is no cell division, metabolism or growth. For a long time, it was thought that each protein performs one specific function. We now know that biology is much more complex. It turns out, for instance, that one protein cooperates with many di!erent proteins to perform various functions. So to understand how processes work in our body, it is not only necessary to identify the proteins but also to uncover their interactions. Large-scale research into proteins is called proteomics. Click here for more info.

Heineken Prize lectures at Utrecht University
UU Koningsbergergebouw, Budapestlaan 4a-b
27 SEP.
Symposium Beyond Animal Testing in Biomedical Science Nederlands
HU, Heidelberglaan 7
FR september 27, 12:00 - 15:30 uur

During the Symposium "Beyond Animal Testing in Biomedical Science", you will get a sneak preview of an animal-free future! 

We will demonstrate state-of-the-art techniques in our innovation labs in cooperation with UMCU and UU. These labs are closely linked to the Transitie Proefdiervrije Innovatie  (TPI) programme and the newly established national Centrum voor Proefdiervrije Biomedische Translatie (CPBT).

So would you like to experience:

- What are the current and future opportunities for animal-free innovations?

- What research and collaborations are ongoing within the Utrecht Science Park in the field of animal test (free) innovations?

- What your future work field (both in the master's programme and in the professional field) might look like?

- What state-of-the-art techniques our innovation labs have to offer in the field of Imaging & VR, 3D Bioprinting, AI & Machine Learning and Advanced cell culture methods?

Then reserve Friday 27 September in your calendar!

Click here for more information.

Symposium Beyond Animal Testing in Biomedical Science
HU, Heidelberglaan 7
Opening Utrecht Science Week 2024: The third Utrecht Science Lezing English
Accelerator, Uppsalalaan 17
FR september 27, 15:30 - 19:00 uur

Professor dr. Peter Luijten is vice dean of the Strategic Theme Life Sciences and Professor of Functional Medical Imaging. Before his farewell at Utrecht University in October, he will give the Utrecht Science Lecture.

His lecture will focus on the theme “From science to impact: Utrecht Life Sciences”, including contributions from talented colleagues from various Life Sciences thematic communities, under which Tzviya Zeev Ben Mordehai, Nico van den Berg, Karijn Suijkerbuijk and Marianna Tryfonidou.

From science to impact: Utrecht Life Sciences
It is hard to imagine a place that encompasses more disciplines vital for top research in life sciences than the Utrecht Science Park. From 'hard core' molecular biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics to translational and clinical sciences. From molecules to micro-organisms, plants, animals and humans. From drug development to medical technology. All these areas of expertise within walking distance. This lecture shows and talks about the unique accomplishments of Utrecht's Life Sciences and highlights the opportunities for social impact in the future. 

Practical information 

  • Date: Friday 27 September
  • Time: 15:30 walk-in, opening 16:00, drinks from 17:15 
  • Location: Accelerator, Utrecht Science Park (adres: Uppsalalaan 17, 3584 CT Utrecht)
  • Language: English

Opening Utrecht Science Week 2024: De derde Utrecht Science Lezing
Accelerator, Uppsalalaan 17

Registrations: 30
Betweter Festival Nederlands
TivoliVredenburg, Vredenburgkade 11
FR september 27, 18:30 - 21:00 uur

The Betweter Festival is here again! Once again, this edition will fill TivoliVredenburg with a unique mix of talks, music, film, interactive installations and live scientific research. Scientists and artists expand your world in times of restricted vision. They ask the questions that matter and dream about the world of tomorrow. 

The Betweter Festival is organised by Utrecht University. Main partners are UMC Utrecht, Hogeschool Utrecht and Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht.

Other partners include Universiteit voor Humanistiek, TivoliVredenburg, SETUP, BNR and Centre for Unusual Collaborations. The festival is the opening event of Utrecht Science Week.

Buy your ticket today!

Betweter Festival
TivoliVredenburg, Vredenburgkade 11
30 SEP.
Workshop Science of Success English
UU Minnaertgebouw, Leuvenlaan 4
MO september 30, 16:00 - 17:00 uur

Coherent changes in human behaviour are crucial in making a transition to a healthy and sustainable society. How can such changes be stimulated?  In other words, which initiatives will be successful and which ones will not?  Understanding the mechanisms of success in such a complex system as human

interactions, the topic of the workshop, will be helpful in answering these questions. 


"Too often, accomplishment does not equal success. We did the work but didn't get the promotion; we played hard but weren't recognized; we had the idea but didn't get the credit. We convince ourselves that talent combined with a strong work ethic is the key to getting ahead, but also realize that combination often fails to yield results, without any deeper understanding as to why. " -- "The Formula" by Albert-Laszlo Barabasi


Are you also wondering why performance is necessary but not adequate? Why are experts often wrong? How to assemble a creative team primed for success? How to most effectively engage our networks? Please come to the workshop on "Science of Success" demonstrated via wine tasting and scoring. With a Master Class on "The Universal Laws of Success" given by dr. Qingyi Feng (CCSS Coordinator), followed by experiment on "Science of Success" demonstrated via wine tasting and scoring.

Audiences will participate in discussions/experiments on "Science of Success", and/or just chill with ice-creams.

More info

Workshop Science of Success
UU Minnaertgebouw, Leuvenlaan 4
Qingyi Feng

Registrations: 1
Walking Dinner Nederlands
Diverse locaties op het Utrecht Science Park
MO september 30, 18:00 - 21:00 uur

Please note that this is a private event, in which you can attend by invitation only.

The theme of this evening is 'Utrecht Cancer', highlighting the unique added value of the concentration of knowledge within one square kilometre and cooperation at the Utrecht Science Park, and showing how this cooperation contributes to pioneering research and developments in cancer treatment. 

Walking Dinner
Diverse locaties op het Utrecht Science Park

Registrations: 0
Movie night + Q&A | Help, Utrecht floods! Nederlands
HU, Padualaan 101
MO september 30, 18:00 - 20:00 uur
Podium x Green Office HU

Okay wait. Sea levels are rising and we continue to live quietly in our low country? Isn't faith in the dykes a bit delulu? Find out during this evening!

To open the HU Sustainability Day, the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht is organising an event the night before with none other than Nicolaas Veul and his docu 'The Climate Explorer'. You undoubtedly know him from his documentary Pisnicht: the movie or from his 100 days series. In The Climate Explorer, Nicolaas investigates what the rising sea level means for the Netherlands. 'How long will we keep our feet dry here in Utrecht?'. The inner city is safe for now, but Leidsche Rijn could be flooded within a generation! Nicolaas explores the risks and looks for a plan B.

Are we all going to emigrate to Norway or will the Achterhoek become the new Randstad? Nicolaas has figured it out for you! Lean back and be surprised by this film. Afterwards, there is a talk with Nicolaas and there will be room for questions from the audience. Don't miss it and sign up!

Sign up
The programme is open to everyone: HU students, HU employees, UU students and anyone outside who is interested in this topic. Reserve your spot and be there for free!

Pizza promotion for HU students
Stick around the HU after your class for our Vega Pizza Party at 18:30, prior to movie night! For only 5 euros, you get a vegetarian pizza and a drink. Prefer a vegan pizza? Send an email to and it will be arranged!

Filmavond + Q&A | Help, Utrecht overstroomt!
HU, Padualaan 101
1 OCT.
Dag van de Duurzaamheid Nederlands
HU, Padualaan 101
TU october 1, 10:30 - 16:00 uur
“A social and equitable sustainability transition”

On Tuesday 1 October, the Dag van de Duurzaamheid will be organised by HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht as part of Utrecht Science Week. 

A great programme has been created, with plenary parts, workshops, a Green Market and a festive closing on the sustainability square.

The programme
This year's programme consists of the following parts:

10.30-12.00 – Plenary programme; including:

  • Opening by Wilma Scholte op Reimer (chair of the CvB of HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht).
  • Keynote by Eva Rovers (writer, speaker and director of Bureau Burgerberaad).
  • Panel discussions led by chairman of the day Hajar Yagkoubi (former UN youth representative, speaker and presenter).  

12.00-13.00 - Lunch at the Green Market for all visitors

13.00-14.30 - Workshop round (workshops tp be completed)

14.30-16.00 - Networking at Green Market 

The Dag van de Duurzaamheid takes place at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, at Padualaan 101 in the main lecture hall.

Dag van de Duurzaamheid
HU, Padualaan 101

Registrations: 0
Lagerhuisdebat: Activism by researchers and research supporters English
Stichting Utrecht Science Park, Heidelberglaan 11
TU october 1, 16:00 - 17:30 uur

Researchers and research supporters are not only expected to work on excellent research, they are also expected to have an impact on society. While individual researchers and research supporters choose different ways to have such an impact, ranging from outreach to protest actions, there is no consensus within the research community on which form of engagement is the most effective nor a unique answer to the crucial question whether activism impacts the credibility of those engaging in it.

In this workshop, we will hold a debate (‘lagerhuis’-style) to collect and test arguments for and against activism by researchers and research supporters. The audience will be randomly divided into two groups, with the assignment to prepare arguments in favour or against a specific form of activism. The groups will then be given the opportunity to exchange their positions during a short debate. The goal is to sharpen the thinking within the audience on when (or when not) people working in and around research can and ought to be activistic.

Under the guidance of Erik van Sebille, Professor of Oceanography and Professor of Public Engagement.

Lagerhuisdebat: Activism by researchers and research supporters
Stichting Utrecht Science Park, Heidelberglaan 11

Registrations: 0
2 OCT.
Dialogue Working together on healthy and circular water, but what are we going to do? Nederlands
HU, Padualaan 101
WE october 2, 15:30 - 17:30 uur

"In the Netherlands, water managers have long been warning about problems with water quality and availability of clean drinking water. Yet not enough seems to be happening. Is a disaster needed, or are we finally going to act on what the situation demands?" 
Marjolijn Haasnoot, climate adaptation researcher at Deltares and Utrecht University.

Led by Michiel van der Stelt, we will enter into a discussion with politicians, scientists, technologists, communication professionals, teachers, entrepreneurs and other professionals on the question of who will do what to provide the Netherlands, Europe and the world with sufficient and qualitative (drinking) water.

After the analysis of the problem definition by Michelle van Vliet, Associate Professor Water Nexus and Water Quality UU, the dialogue will follow with, among others, panel members Cis Apeldoorn, Secretary-Director Hoogheemraadschap De Stichtse Rijnlanden (with reservations), Arjan van den Born, General Director ROM and Doeke Schippers, Leading Professional Vitens. Martin van Gelderen, Department Head Substances and Water Chain Ministry of IenW will provide the closing reflection.

The full programme will follow.
Would you like to join the discussion on this urgent social issue? You can! 

Dialoog Samenwerken aan gezond en circulair water, maar wat gaan we doen?
HU, Padualaan 101

Registrations: 1
Utrecht Science Park Pubquiz Nederlands
UU Minnaertgebouw, Leuvenlaan 4
WE october 2, 17:00 - 21:00 uur

Are you the all-knowing about Utrecht and the Utrecht Science Park? Are you a student or are you still a student and do you fancy a fun evening? 

Compete with your team during 8 exciting rounds for one of the prizes in the Utrecht Science Park Pubquiz during Utrecht Science Week. 

We start this evening with free pizzas and end with drinks. The organization will give you the first two drinks. 

Walk-in and pizzas: 17:00 - 18:00 hrs. 
Pub quiz: 18.00 - 20.00 hrs. 
Prize-giving ceremony and drinks: 20.00 - 21.00 hrs. 

Gather your team members, as more information on registration will follow soon. 

Utrecht Science Park Pubquiz
UU Minnaertgebouw, Leuvenlaan 4

Registrations: 0
3 OCT.
U-Forward Life Sciences BreakFast (from7 am) Nederlands
Life Science Incubator, Yalelaan 62
TH october 3, 07:00 - 10:00 uur
Note: this event starts at 07:00 am.

After multiple vibrant editions with 25+ entrepreneurs, the Utrecht Science Park Foundation, Gemeente Utrecht and ROM Utrecht Region are organizing the fifth U-Forward Life Sciences BreakFast ‘Utrecht Science Week edition’. 

This edition is taking place on Thursday, October 3rd at the Life Science Incubator at the Utrecht Science Park . All life sciences entrepreneurs from the Utrecht region are invited to join the breakfast session. 

Each session a varied program is offered with room for inspiring talks from entrepreneurs. Join the session to network, share ideas and connect with other life sciences entrepreneurs, while enjoying a croissant and good coffee. This session Would you like to participate? 

Please register by sending an email to Annemarie Dijkman:

Spread the word in your regional life sciences network and join the private LinkedIn group to connect with each other.

U-Forward Life Sciences BreakFast (vanaf 7 uur)
Life Science Incubator, Yalelaan 62

Registrations: 0
Keynote Lecture: Jos Malda, Team Science English
UMC Utrecht, Heidelberglaan 100
TH october 3, 13:30 - 15:00 uur

Jos Malda is professor of Biofabrication in Translational Regenerative Medicine at the Regenerative Medicine Center Utrecht, a collaboration of UMC Utrecht, Utrecht University and the Hubrecht Institute. With his team, he focuses on the development of innovative 3D bioprinting technologies for creating tissues and organs.

Keynote Lecture: Jos Malda, Team Science
UMC Utrecht, Heidelberglaan 100
Jos Malda

Registrations: 0
Genmab: Healthcare and Laboratories of the Future English
Accelerator, Uppsalalaan 17
TH october 3, 15:30 - 18:30 uur
Shaping the Future of Healthcare and Laboratories.

Plenary Session + Health of the Future Fair
Explore the cutting-edge innovations transforming healthcare and laboratory sciences at our exclusive Plenary Session and Health of the Future Fair.

Plenary Session (16:00 – 16:45)  
Engage with leaders from industry, healthcare, and academia in a dynamic panel discussion. Discover how automation, digital transformation, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are revolutionizing labs and healthcare, and learn how educational institutions are evolving to train the next generation of scientists and healthcare professionals.

Presenters (5 min each) and panelists (30 min Q&A) from the biotech industry (Genmab), healthcare and education will discuss several topics, such as:

  • Will AI replace scientists and research assistants?
  • How can AI speed up drug development and approval?
  • Can technology enable more at-home patient care?
  • What are the biggest challenges in integrating AI into labs and healthcare?
  • How should education adapt to prepare future professionals?

Bring your questions and insights for an engaging discussion with the expert panel.

Health of the Future Fair (16:45 – 18:30)  
Network with representatives from leading companies, healthcare institutions, and educational bodies. Discover career opportunities, showcase and experience innovations, and discuss the future of life sciences over drinks and snacks.

Who Should Attend?

1. Students: BSc, MSc, and PhD students in life sciences, medicine, biochemistry, food science, data science and related fields.

2. Utrecht Science Park Employees: Network and explore talent recruitment opportunities.

Join Us:
Walk in from 15:30. Don’t miss this opportunity to be at the forefront of healthcare and laboratory innovation. See you there! 

Genmab: Healthcare and Laboratories of the Future
Accelerator, Uppsalalaan 17

Registrations: 9
Interactive Preventive Health Seminar English
Botanische Tuinen, Budapestlaan 17
TH october 3, 15:00 - 17:00 uur
Advancing Lifestyle and Healthy Living Environments through Transdisciplinary Collaboration
[Read more...]
Interactive Preventive Health Seminar
Botanische Tuinen, Budapestlaan 17

Registrations: 3
4 OCT.
Finale Sustainable City Challenge 2024 Nederlands
Accelerator, Uppsalalaan 17
FR october 4, 16:00 - 17:00 uur

Expo open: from 14.30 hrs, start Finale 16.30 hrs - 17.00 hrs, drinks afterwards

During the Sustainable City Challenge, students are challenged to design solutions for a more sustainable Utrecht. Together with various partners from the region, teams of students from mbo, hbo and wo work together on sustainable tasks to make Utrecht healthier, more livable and greener.

Topics include greening & biodiversity, mobility, energy, circular and healthy living environments. Participation in the challenge is open to students from ROC Midden Nederland, Hogeschool Utrecht, Utrecht University, MBO Utrecht, MBO Amersfoort, Nimeto, Marnix Academy, Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht and Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht.

Visit the expo and engage in conversation with the students to learn more about their ideas for a more sustainable and healthier city.

The most promising ideas will be presented in pitches during the finals. The audience will ultimately decide who wins the audience award.

Want to participate as a student in this inspiring challenge? More info and registration via the website.
Want to visit the expo and attend the pitches? You can! Register via the button.

Finale Sustainable City Challenge 2024
Accelerator, Uppsalalaan 17

Registrations: 1
5+6 OCT.
Weekend van de Wetenschap Nederlands
Diverse locaties op het Utrecht Science Park
SA + SU october 5 + 6, 09:00 - 17:00 uur

The 'Weekend van de Wetenschap' is on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 October and is taking place across the country, in different cities. From library to companies, and from university to science park. Everyone opens their doors to give visitors a unique look behind the scenes in the world of science and technology. Everyone is welcome, because science is of course for everyone, but the focus lies on families with children aged between 8 and 14.

This year will be actively working together with various partners at the Utrecht Science Park to make science more accessible to the younger target group during the Weekend van de Wetenschap. Eight organisations at the Utrecht Science Park have created cool activities to introduce visitors to science in various dimensions.

Participating organisations
Utrecht University (and Botanical Gardens), Hubrecht Institute, Westerdijk Instituut, UMC Utrecht, Wilhelmina Children's Hospital, Princess Máxima Center, KNMI and HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.

KNMI will open the doors on Saturday 5 October and the other organisations on Sunday 6 October.

More information about the activities to do on these days will follow soon.

Check the website(in Dutch) for more information about the locations.

Weekend van de Wetenschap
Diverse locaties op het Utrecht Science Park
Most relevant for:
People interested in specific topic
Private/by invitation
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