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OCTOBER 6 2024
September 30
to October 7


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    About Utrecht Science Week

    Utrecht Science Park is flourishing. This can be seen in the scientific achievements and successful collaboration between knowledge and care institutions and specialised companies, as well as the arrival of new parties – both established names and startups – all with grand ambitions and a passion for innovation. Together, we are working to create a healthy, sustainable society.

    In the years ahead, Utrecht Science Week aims to make the value and progress of the joint efforts at Utrecht Science Park more visible to a wide audience of stakeholders and interested parties.

    Utrecht Science Week will be a programme that invites participants to learn, inspire and connect, both online and in person. Interested? Keep an eye on this website for more news about the programme.

    Utrecht Science Week is an initiative of the Utrecht Science Park Foundation in cooperation with its partners HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Utrecht University, University Medical Centre Utrecht, the Princess Máxima Centre and biotech company Genmab.