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OCTOBER 6 2024
September 30
to October 7

Utrecht Science Week speakers

Nienke Bleijenberg

Nienke Bleijenberg is a Professor in Proactive Elderly Care at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and is also affiliated with the Julius Center of the University Medical Center Utrecht. Her research focuses on the effectiveness and quality of care for elderly people with multiple chronic conditions.

Marc Bonten

Marc Bonten is a Professor of Medical Microbiology at Utrecht University, a Coordinator of Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology at the University Medical Center Utrecht, the Scientific Director of the Netherlands Centre for One Health (NCOH) and a member of the Outbreak Management Team

Coen van den Braber

Coen van den Braber is a former honours student of Journalism at the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.

Gita Gallé

Gita Gallé is COO/CFO van het Prinses Máxima Centrum.

Nienke de Graeff

Nienke de Graeff is an Assistant Professor of Bioethics at the Julius Center of the University Medical Center Utrecht.

Maarten Hajer

Maarten Hajer is a Professor of Urban Futures at Utrecht University and former director of the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency.

Eelco Hoving

Eelco Hoving is a Professor of Oncological Paediatric Neurosurgery at the University Medical Center and the Clinical Director of Neuro Oncology at the Princess Máxima Center.

Jitte Jennekens

Jitte Jennekens is a Master's student of Regenerative Medicine & Technology at Utrecht University and the Student Minister of Healthy Living in the National Student Government.

Peter Joosten

Peter Joosten is a biohacker and future thinker and gives lectures and workshops on human enhancement and its impact on human society. He is also the author of the books ‘Biohacking’ and ‘Superhuman’.

Wouter Kollen

Wouter Kollen is a paediatric oncologist, specialising in stem cell transplantation and is the Clinical Director Quality of Life at the Princess Máxima Center.

Helianthe Kort

Helianthe Kort is a Professor of Technology for Care Innovations at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and a Professor of Building Health Environments for Future Users at TU Eindhoven.

Ed Kuijper

Ed Kuijper is currently the head of the Experimental Microbiology and the Reference Laboratory for Clostridium difficile at the Leiden University Medical Centre and the Centre for Infectious Disease Control of the National Institute of Public Health.

Henk Kummeling

Henk Kummeling has served as Utrecht University’s Rector Magnificus since 1 June 2018.

Linda van Laake

Linda van Laake is a cardiologist and member of the core team of the Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cells area of focus of the University Medical Center Utrecht.

Wouter de Laat

Wouter de Laat is group leader at the Hubrecht Institute and Professor of Biomedical Genomics at the University Medical Center Utrecht.

Frénk van der Linden

Frénk van der Linden is a journalist who writes for publications such as the Volkskrant and presents the NTR radio programme ‘Kunststof’.

Peter Luijten

Peter Luijten is the Vice Dean of Utrecht Life Sciences at Utrecht University.

Andrea Maier

Andrea Maier is a Professor of Medicine (Gerontology) at the University of Melbourne, Australia, and Professor of Ageing at VU University Amsterdam. She published the book 'Eeuwig Houdbaar' about the world of ageing and was a guest on the programme 'Zomergasten' in 2016.

Jos Malda

Jos Malda is Head of Research at the Department of Orthopaedics of the Utrecht University Medical Center and the Department of Equine Sciences of Utrecht University, and also leads the Utrecht Biofabrication Facility for biofabrication in translational regenerative medicine.

Mariana Mazzucato

Mariana Mazzucato is one of the leading economists in the field of 'green growth'. She is a Professor of Economics of Innovation & Public Value and is the Founding Director of the Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose Value at University College London.

Pauline Meurs

Pauline Meurs is a Professor of Health Care Governance at Erasmus University Rotterdam. She was previously a member of the Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Research (WRR), Chair of the Council for Public Health and Society (Raad voor de Volksgezondheid en Samenleving) and a member of the Senate for the Labour Party (PvdA).

Hans Oosters

Hans Oosters has served as the King's Commissioner for the province of Utrecht since 1 February 2019.

Jeroen Pasterkamp

Jeroen Pasterkamp is a Professor of Translational Neuroscience at Utrecht University, Scientific Director at the UMC Utrecht Brain Center and Director of the MIND Facility for brain research.

Linda Peters

Linda Peters works for Young Health Hub and also works as a Healthy Living Environment Policy officer at the Province of Utrecht.

Sjoerd Potters

Sjoerd Potters is the Mayor of De Bilt, the municipality where Utrecht Science Park Bilthoven is located.

Nick Ramsey

Nick Ramsey is a Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at Utrecht University and conducts brain research with a focus on neurological disorders. Brain-Computer Interfacing implants allows people whose brain-muscle connection has been severed to move again

Suzan Rooijakkers

Suzan Rooijakkers is a Professor of Microbiology at Utrecht University Medical Center.

Hans Snijder

Hans Snijder is the Director of Media & Communication at the Princess Máxima Center and was previously Editor-in-Chief of the Leeuwarder Courant.

Tessa Sturkenboom

Tessa Sturkenboom is a Master's student of Philosophy & Governance at Utrecht University and party leader of the Utrecht Student & Starter party

Jan Henk van der Velden

Jan Henk van der Velden is the Managing Director of the Utrecht Science Park Foundation.

Thèron Vellema

Thèron Vellema is an honours student in Health at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.

Roel Vermeulen

Roel Vermeulen is a Professor of Environmental Epidemiology and Exposome Science at Utrecht University, the director of the Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences and one of the initiators of the Healthy Urban Living Data and Knowledge Hub.

Jaap Wagenaar

Jaap Wagenaar is a Professor of Clinical Infectiology at Utrecht University.

Tineke Zweed

Tineke Zweed is a member of the Executive Board of HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.