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OCTOBER 6 2024
OCTOBER 6 2024
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Opening of Utrecht Science Week: Utrecht Science Lecture by Professor Dr. Peter Luijten

From science to impact: Utrecht Life Sciences
It is hard to imagine a place that encompasses more disciplines vital for top research in life sciences than the Utrecht Science Park. From ‘hard core’ molecular biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics to translational and clinical sciences. From molecules to micro-organisms, plants, animals and humans. From drug development to medical technology. All these areas of expertise within walking distance. This lecture shows and talks about the unique accomplishments of Utrecht’s Life Sciences and highlights the opportunities for social impact in the future.

Peter Luijten is vice decaan van het Strategisch Thema Life Sciences aan de Universiteit Utrechten Professor of Functional Medical Imaging. Voordat hij in oktober afscheid neemt van de Universiteit Utrecht zal hij de Utrecht Science Lezing geven. Zijn voordracht zal in het teken staan van het thema “Van wetenschap naar impact: Utrecht Life Sciences”, inclusief podiuminbreng van talentvolle collega’s uit verschillende thematische communities Life Sciences, waaronder Tzviya Zeev Ben Mordehai, Nico van den Berg, Karijn Suijkerbuijk en Marianna Tryfonidou.

Practical information
Date: Friday 27 September.

Time: walk-in from 3:30 PM, opening at 4:00 PM, drinks from 5:15 PM.

Location: Accelerator, Utrecht Science Park

Language: English.

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