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OCTOBER 6 2024
September 30
to October 7

Teaser 1 Jelle Ruurda – Ziekenhuis van de toekomst 2nd of October 2023

Come see the latest developments at UMC Utrecht in robotic surgery and imaging physiology. Professor Jelle Ruurda and his researchers will give short presentations to demonstrate the innovative possibilities with robotic surgery and augmented reality in the operating theatre. For example, UMC Utrecht uses robotic surgery in operations on patients with esophageal cancer, liver cancer or prostate cancer. The robot allows for very precise surgery, allowing the patient to recover faster and reducing the risk of complications. Robotic surgery offers the possibility of integrating MRI or CT images taken before surgery with live images of the operation. These images can help recognise anatomical structures and identify tissue to be removed during surgery.


Teaser 2 Jannie Wijnen – Ziekenhuis van de toekomst 2nd of October 2023

You can join the tour of UMC Utrecht past these fascinating innovations that will influence patient care of the future. Meet the doctors and researchers and ask them all your questions! And feel free to bring an interested colleague, fellow student or family member along ( for everyone, please register). The programme runs from 18.00 to 21.30.