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OCTOBER 6 2024
OCTOBER 6 2024
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Main programme update: Second Utrecht Science Lecture by Bert Weckhuysen

Utrecht Science Week 2023 will programme the second Utrecht Science Lecture in the main programme on Friday 6 October. It will be delivered by Prof Dr Bert Weckhuysen. 

The Utrecht Science Lecture was created to give a prominent Utrecht scientist the opportunity to discuss the current state of science in the field of healthy and sustainable living during the Utrecht Science Week.

The first Utrecht Science Lecture was given by Prof Dr Hans Clevers.

Bert Weckhuysen is university professor of ‘Catalysis, Energy and Sustainability’ at Utrecht University. He is a member of several national and international boards and leads a number of major research initiatives including the ARC CBBC, MCEC, and SUNERGY.

Bert Weckhuysen’s research group has been active for many years in the design, synthesis, characterisation and application of catalytic solids for the conversion of fossil (crude oil & natural gas) and renewable (biomass, waste and CO2) feedstocks into sustainable transport fuels, chemicals and materials.

As scientific director, Weckhuysen is closely associated with the Advanced Research Centre Chemical Building Blocks Consortium, a public-private partnership in the field of circular and sustainable chemistry. Besides energy transition, the ARC CBBC focuses on the at least equally important raw materials and materials transition.

In addition, Weckhuysen is project leader of the Da Vinci Master and Bachelor programme. The Da Vinci Master Programme, as part of the Strategic Alliance EWUU, aims to train a new generation of changemakers, connectors and innovators.

This innovative programme contributes to personal development, teaches students to step outside their comfort zone and use their expertise in an interdisciplinary team to tackle a real-life sustainability issue.

Attending the second Utrecht Science Lecture on Friday 6 October from 10.00 – 11.30 a.m. is possible for all interested parties.
Keep an eye on the site and socials to register on time!

Second Utrecht Science Lecture
Friday 6 October 2023 from 10.00 – 11.30 a.m.

Bert Weckhuysen