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Programme update: Plandelen op Utrecht Science Park

8 September 2023

Headline in the AD: ‘Alarm over billions of dumped cigarette butts in Dutch nature: biggest environmental problem of our time’. “Away with those dirty cigarette butts!”. Plandelman Anton Damen is completely done with it and calls on everyone to join him for an hour of plandeling on Monday 2 October at 12.30 as part of Utrecht Science Week.

Plandeling is a contraction of ‘walking’ and ‘picking up plastic’. Because most litter consists of or contains plastic. Even that ‘paper’ cup and even that cigarette filter, which is made of cellulose acetate (i.e. plastic). The aim of the plandering on Monday 2 October is to clean up the Rainbow Path, including the pavements. The start is at the Green Office of Utrecht University of Applied Sciences.

Take part and receive a beautiful design PeukenPocket from Anton as a reward for an inveterate smoker in your neighbourhood.
Utrecht Science Week is happy to support the Plandelman’s activities in this way.

Register quickly, join Anton and make your personal contribution to a cleaner living environment. Wonderful examples of other Plandelman actions can be found here.

Plandelen in Utrecht Science Park
Monday 2 October
Start at 12.30 at Green Office HU (Padualaan 101)