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Aftermovies Weekend van de Wetenschap, Dag van de Duurzaamheid, Betweterfestival, and Research Day

The 2022 edition of Utrecht Science Week is now over. The varied programme included the Weekend van de Wetenschap, Dag van de Duurzaamheid, Betweter Festival, Research Day and Hackaton five events at which visitors could get to know science by means of interviews, talk shows, experiments, workshops and the like. Watch the aftermovies and enjoy the events once again.

There you have it! The 2022 Betweter Festival in TivoliVredenburg. With interviews, talk shows, live scientific research, music and plenty of art. Enjoy the recap – we are already planning next year’s event. Until then!


What makes play so enjoyable? Which bone belongs to which animal? What happens if the earth warms up too much? On Sunday 2 October 2022, 2,000 visitors discovered the answers to these and many more questions. They took part in exciting experiments, attended mini lectures and followed interesting workshops. Through the various programmes, visitors discovered more about science and research at Utrecht University.


Watch the Dag van de Duurzaamheid aftermovie here.


Watch back the HU Dag van de Duurzaamheid 2022 here, with Jane Goodall, Melati Wijsen, Kees Klomp and Aniek Moonen, among others. Click here for more impressions of this day.


On Friday 7 October 2022, the first Research Day took place at Utrecht Medical Center Utrecht to conclude Utrecht Science Week. The day was entirely devoted to research and our researchers. The researchers were welcomed with live music, coffee and a blue carpet. Employees and visitors enjoyed a day with scientific posters and poster pitches, a live talk show, symposia and a networking drinks gathering.


On Friday 7 October 2022, Research Day will take place at UMC Utrecht. This day will be fully dedicated to research. We intend to put the spotlight on our colleagues who are so wholeheartedly committed to research. We will thank them for their tireless efforts, and we will let other colleagues at UMC Utrecht experience what our research means to society and to us. Watch the online talkshow ‘Let’s talk about Research!


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Foto: Lize Kraan