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OCTOBER 6 2024
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Main programme update: the hospital of the future

UMC Utrecht brings together the worlds of research, care, education and technology to improve healthcare. With the programme The Hospital of the Future on Monday evening 2 October, Utrecht Science Week offers all interested parties the opportunity to come and learn about results of these unique collaborations.

Come and see the latest developments in robotic surgery and imaging physiology.

Robotic surgery and augmented reality
Professor Jelle Ruurda and his researchers will give short presentations to demonstrate the innovative possibilities with robotic surgery and augmented reality in the operating theatre. For example, UMC Utrecht uses robotic surgery in operations on patients with oesophageal cancer, liver cancer or prostate cancer. With the robot, surgery can be performed very precisely, allowing the patient to recover faster and reducing the risk of complications. Robotic surgery offers the possibility of integrating MRI or CT images taken before surgery with live images of the operation. These images can help recognise anatomical structures and identify tissue to be removed during surgery.

Imaging physiology
Professor Dennis Klomp and his researchers will give short demonstrations to explain the innovative possibilities with MRI technology in patient care. By imaging organs and tissues, doctors can make increasingly precise diagnoses or predict the effectiveness of therapy. The combination with AI techniques also speeds up the procedure, allowing doctors and researchers to treat their patients earlier and more effectively.

After a brief explanation by both professors, the participants will go on an excursion around UMC Utrecht in small groups led by expert guides and visit fascinating innovations that will influence the patient care of the future. There will be ample opportunity to meet the doctors and researchers; they will be happy to answer any questions.

The hospital of the future
Monday evening 2 October
Walk-in with sandwiches from 18.00, start programme 18.30, end 21.30
Location: UMC Utrecht, Heidelberglaan 100

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