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Utrecht Science Week 2023: sneak peek

May 23, 2023


From Friday 29 September to Sunday 8 October next, the Utrecht Science Park will be colouring Utrecht Science Week. Behind the scenes, people are working hard on a wonderful programme. Time for a sneak peek!

Hackathon Green Labs
What if the many laboratories in the Utrecht Science Park joined forces and together searched for smart solutions to structurally reduce the environmental burden? This could involve attitude and behaviour, corporate culture, processes and procedures, but also materials, equipment and procurement strategy. After all, surely it cannot be the case that the lab, which is pre-eminently working on a healthy, sustainable society, itself contributes enormously to its threat?

This hackathon is a co-production of the Hubrecht Institute, Genmab, Prinses Máxima Centrum, UMC Utrecht, Utrecht University and Utrecht University of Applied Sciences; we are guests in the inspiring working environment of UtrechtInc.

In addition to this hackathon, the main programme includes a promising Sustainability Day, the impressive Hospital of the Future theme and, of course, the Second Utrecht Science Lecture. We will keep the drum roll for a while, announcement to follow!

Partner programme
In the framing programme of the partners, you will find multicoloured gems such as, for example, the Centre for Complex Systems Studies’ “Science of Success” workshop, a debate on animal-worthy husbandry (Veterinary Medicine), an exciting tour of the New Evolution Garden (Botanical Gardens) and a discussion initiated by the Centre for Unusual Collaborations on the question of how inter- and transdisciplinary collaboration in research relates to the regular system of recognition and appreciation: should it be different? How then?

And more!
Before the summer holidays, anyone can register for the various programme components. Keep an eye on the socials and this website for more information the upcoming periode.